philip coburn’s first wordpress post

Philip Coburn furthers scientific and production advancements in the medical manufacturing field as the Vice President of Synthes. With over ten years in this executive position, Philip Coburn has played an instrumental role in the company’s product developments. Philip Coburn directs the research, production, and marketing for Synthes’ orthopedic instruments, biomaterials, and implants for use during surgery.

Philip Coburn’s product line allows for the correction, fixation, and regeneration of soft tissues surrounding human skeletal frames. Leading various sales efforts, Philip Coburn takes direct responsibility for nearly $200 million of Synthes’ $1.3 billion in annual sales. Philip Coburn supports 109 personnel, including 7 team members who report directly to him. Apart from internal development, Philip Coburn conducts company outreach initiatives, including services and programs that help hospitals organize Synthes product purchase process, inventory, pricing, and data cleansing.

For his expertise in the field, Philip Coburn has received a number of leadership and top-sales accolades, including Area of the Year and Consultant of the Year. Additionally, Philip Coburn has been requested by AO North America, a non-profit organization, to teach several of its educational courses on advancements in patient care.

Philip Coburn attended the University of Southern Mississippi, where he represented the School of Engineering during its renewal bid for accreditation. After graduating with Honors with his Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Philip Coburn entered the industry as a Sales Representative for Organon Pharmaceuticals.

In times of leisure, Philip Coburn chooses outdoor hobbies, like woodworking, hunting, fishing, hockey, football, and cycling. Philip Coburn’s choice reads reflect his affinity for the wilderness and nature; his favorite books include Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild and Into Thin Air. Involved with several philanthropic efforts, Philip Coburn supports the Mississippi Kidney Foundation and St. James Catholic Church.